eWAY BI Dashboards can Learn, Analyze, Predict and Prescribe

Oblige IT Experts

Our leadership has vision to make a difference by linking right people at right time in most engaging way. We believe with this approach a lot can be accomplished and established for the human race in various aspects.

Rizwan Basith

Vice President - Sales
Rizwan Basith command lies in Business Development & Sales, a leader in his own persona, adept to positivity, with assertive nature and possessive communication.

Holds a decade of experience in raising the Volumes in terms of revenue, maintaining relationships, and growth surge. Has extensively worked on introducing and implementing new process.

Faique Aziz

HR Director
M.F. Aziz fortes lie in his personal contact with People, Books and Businesses, since been a part of human resource Industry to almost a decade, he is compelled to meet people with intellectually different skills and behavior.

He has a natural urge to organize, network, plan, manage, and quickness while executing different tasks, he is a seasoned entrepreneur with experience in HR Management and Business Management.


Business Development Manager
Zakir has near a decade experience in Business Management. Worked Globally in the fields of Business consulting, Business Processes, ERP Implementation and Sales.

An expert in assessing, defining, documenting and excels in managing client relationship.

Mohammed Rizwan

Office Manager
Mohammed Rizwan, a management graduate with a candid personality who is adaptable, confident, and a team player.

Very much process-oriented, eye to detail, and able to organize and execute the task effectively.

Graphical Dashboards allow executives to have one, seamless view of all critical business information. eWAY Business intelligence dashboard also integrates tightly with Microsoft Excel, further massaging data to your specific needs.

eWAY Business Intelligence Software developer in India provides intuitive, role-based business performance dashboards that ensure users get a better grip on their business and improve bottom lines by focusing on profitable activities.

eWAY Innovations Expertise

In combination with Microsoft SQL Server, Dynamics, Office, Big Data analytics, and Azure Data Lake, eWAY has helped its customers, deliver Business Intelligence solutions across their entire organization.

Leveraging the strengths of cutting-edge visualizations, and familiar Office and SharePoint experiences, eWAY has introduced a new user-friendly business intelligence applications interface which helps business users gain access to a rich set of platform capabilities, including ad hoc reporting and self-service analytics.

Our Deployment Models

Deploy on Premise

One of the unique features of our dashboards is to support OnPremise Deployment Model. Companies that have extra sensitive information, such as government and banking industries can enjoy the OnPremise features of our dashboards.

Deploy on Cloud

You can now host our dashboards reports on the cloud, and embed them in your cloud application flow. Cloud storage is a great option for those entities who intend to be a Data-center free company.

Key Highlights

Our Service Offerings

1. BI Consultancy

Generate the intuitive visualization of your complex data

2. Datawarehouse Development

Unleash the power of your data with a simple DW Solution

3. BI Implementation

Reinvent your business by giving you in-depth actionable insights into your data

4. Data Migration

Perform cloud-to-cloud & on-premise server-to-cloud migration

5. Dashboard Development

Simplify the development of fully managed, GUI-based Dashboards

6. Analytics Assessment

Start with the roadmap of your future analytics strategy